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This App allows you to explore various insurance plans and services.National Life Insurance Company Limited (formerly known as National life & General Insurance Co.Ltd.) was incorporated in 1988 A.D. under Nepal Company Act 1964 and the insurance Act 1968 of Nepal with prime objective to meet growing insurance requirements of the country.For more than 3 decades, National Life has built reputation as a company that believes in highest level of customer’s service. The company’s well known name and good reputation are reinforced by our commitment to deliver value and service to all who do business with us.Supporting these efforts are the National Life’s core values of professionalism, transparency, trust worthiness and honesty. These values are central to the company’s efforts to achieve its vision – to build financial freedom for all – the company remains committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Jubilee Health App For Health Policy HoldersABOUT APP:First time in the Life insurance industry ofPakistan, Jubilee Life introduces a customeroriented smart phone application to address toyour needs and get updated on all your HealthInsurance related concerns.With Jubilee Health App you have access to yourhealth insurance claim details within your hands,along with various convenient features that willsave your time!FEATURES:1) Hospitals Locator2) Discounts Centre3) BMI Calculator4) Insured Persons5) Claim Details In-Patient & Out-Patient6) Claim Registration (In/Out Patient)7) Complaint8) Electronic Health Card

It is easy to carry a digital Lawyer’s Diary, easy to use, and always with you.

Lawyer’s Case Diary is specifically designed for lawyers/advocates so as to help them manage their Case Diary/Legal Diary in their smart phone. Having your Legal Diary in your smartphone, gives you the power to make your lawyer diary always available to you. With this application, you can manage a lot of things like your client details, contact details, and lots more. Also, it reminds you of case today and near cases, each time you open the app.

The app helps Book Donator & Book Requestor to connect with each otherIf you have some books, which you have finished reading & wanted to share or give away to someone or just don’t want to keep the book any more, then this app is the best app to serve your purpose. You can simply:1. Create an Ad on the app and 2. let interested people contact you over your phone number and 3. you can then donate on the book to them.How it happens!1. Book donator posts an Ad on the app for donating their old books. 2. Book requestor visits the app and sees the Ads about Books on donation and contact the book donator to get the book for his/her reading for free.This App enables everyone to easily Donate/ Request/ Exchange their used books for further reading and sharing, rather than scrapping them. With this initiative, Donate Books Team & Wakeup Earthians team think that at-least some benefit can be done towards nature and to our society and we can reduce carbon footprint per person.

Check Sui Gas Bill ( SNGPL and SSGC )OnlineSUI Gas Bill Checker app help you to check your Residential, Commercial & Industrial bills of Sui gas. There are two sui gas provider companies working in Pakistan as follows:1. SNGPL (Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited)2. SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Company)Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) was incorporated as a private limited Company in 1963 and converted into a public limited company in January 1964 under the Companies Act 1913 of British India, now Companies Ordinance 1984 of Pakistan, and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) (Formerly Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited) was formed in 1955. The company in its present shape was formed on March 30, 1989, following a series of mergers of three pioneering companies, namely Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited, Karachi Gas Company Limited and Indus Gas Company Limited.All User Check their Sui Gas bill from all over the PakistanSUI Gas Bill App Features :- 1. Easy to use2. User friendly UI3. Excellent UX

This Online App will help to get your Electricity duplicate billThe Electricity bills app brings you online bills of electricity for all the electricity services providers of Pakistan. With this app now you can watch your charged exact amount online for free and know how much you have to pay for the electricity for home. The different kinds of electricity billing you can find in this app online are as follows.This app is compatible with all the mobiles and tablets.– You can view your electricity bill (Bijli bill) for the month all over Pakistan– You can get a duplicate of your electricity bill very easilyYou can check duplicate electricity bill of the following electricity companies:LESCO: For the people of lahore, the LESCO-billing facility allows them to find their electricity amount of Lahore district online.IESCO : For the residents of Islamabad area, this facility allows them to find their bill-amount online and submit it before the end date.K-electric : Electricity users of Karachi can now find Kelectric bill of their home utility through this app.MEPCO : For the people of Multan division the app brings MEPCO bills online checking facility.PESCO: For the electricity users of Peshawar division the app gives PESCO electricity bills online.HESCO : The people of Hyderabad region can now find HESCO Bill through this app.GEPCO : Find GEPCO electricity bills online for free.FESCO : Faislabad district people can now find their FESCO bill in this app.QESCO : Queta region users can now find QESCO bill online for free. Download the app now and find your Electric bill(Bijli Ka Bill) online for free.ایپ ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں اور اپنے بجلی کا بل مفت میں چیک کریںDisclaimer:We are not official representation OR affiliated app of Wapda and its electricity distribution companies IESCO, LESCO, MEPCO, PESCO, GEPCO, HESCO, FESCO, QESCO, KELECTRIC, we are just bill info data delivery service.

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