6 Things I Learned From A Major Friendship Fallout

We’ve all been there — a friendship disagreement leads to bad blood, awkwardness, and lots of reflecting on your mistakes. Unfortunately, I’m no exception; this past year, I experienced the most intense friendship fallout I’ve ever had. The sticky situation led me to do some serious thinking about where I went wrong throughout our friendship; so, … Read more

8 Signs – He Is The Right Guy For You

Finding the right guy is a blessing. You have to be lucky to meet your soul mate. But more than being lucky, you should be vigilant enough to sense that the person with you is ‘THE RIGHT GUY’ for you. I have listed down some of the signs that tell you if your partner is … Read more

9 signs You’re With a Real and Faithful Man

All girls have their own idea of the perfect man- the kind of man they hope to find one day, the man they can spend their entire lives with. So some girls will prefer tall guys, some prefer short. Some want a guy who they can have fun with, while others just want someone to … Read more

5 Steps To Make A Man Fall In Love

So, you are majorly crushing on a guy who has become the candy of your eye. You adore him and want to make him a part of your life. You want him to feel the same for you. You want him to chase you, appreciate you and be madly in love with you but unfortunately, … Read more

10 Signs You’ve Found A True Best Friend

Finding a true best friend is a challenge for people. Not because there aren’t amazing people out there, but because the truth of the matter is that people are scared to be their true, authentic selves. When you find those people that truly get everything about you—your quirks, your flaws, and your heart—you should hold … Read more

20 Of The Worst Makeup Fails Ever

1. A Very Heavy Makeup Look If you haven’t heard, there’s a subreddit called “Bad MakeUp Artists,” and it’s nothing short of ah-mazing! It’s hard to believe that someone would apply a shade of foundation five shades darker than their skin tone or wear lipstick the color of off-meat, and yet, here they are.Now, it’s … Read more